Tanpouo Congregation

Tanpouo church was established in 2015 after we began evangelism in 2010. Their Sunday attendance averages 5 women, 5 men and 5 children. We have tried many times through the years to establish a preaching point in this location. We encountered much opposition and refusal, including insults and accusations. We were allowed to hold prayer meetings but then told to leave. Then, in 2013 some of the leaders from Balembar decided to try once again to penetrate the darkness and rejection of Tanpouo. The work will be very slow and very difficult here. Our Lord is greater than the resistance and His Holy Spirit will penetrate hardened hearts. We are believing that the residents of the village of Tanpouo and neighboring areas will surrender to Jesus.

Please pray:

  • That lost souls in this village will turn from their idols and will give their hearts to Jesus.
  • That our members will grow strong in faith and knowledge of the Lord.
  • That our members will have faith to give and faith that God will provide all of our needs.
  • That God will encourage all of our members in their faith and service.


Preaching Leader