Bapla-Birifor Congregation

Bapla-Birifor church was founded in 2009 after 8 years of evangelistic efforts. On Sundays they average 62 adults and 90 children. This church is located in a region where many people continue to adhere to ancient tribal practices, including animal sacrifice. With time, perseverance and continued preaching the truths of the Gospel, this church has matured spiritually and grown numerically. The church has a well on the property and it is open to the entire community. Our desire is that one day many will know Jesus as the Living Water.

Please pray:

  • that the youth will be pure and that God will provide their financial needs such as school fees, books and transportation.
  • God will open doors for the Gospel in neighboring villages.
  • the Holy Spirit will touch the lives of parents to allow their children to attend our church, when they have forbid it in the past.
  • For our members’ extended family – protection and health.