Tjenjiero Village

Our journey to the wilderness of begins at the very beginning. At the time a new convert, Bassa Valentine began taking the Good News of Jesus beyond the land of the Dagara to an ethnic group long resistant; the Lobiri. Bassa would go to a different village of the Lobiri monthly. He spoke a little of their language.

Years later, our now Director of Ministry and Missions, Patrice Hien suggested a medical team visit in the hopes medical intervention would open the doors. A team from Cornerstone FBC in Williston ND came. They served. They loved. They prayed. They witnessed. They laughed. They healed. All in the Name and in the Power of our Lord Jesus.

Today, years later, we have a house of prayer and worship. We have a well and a Pastor’ house. We have a baptistery. Most important of all our Lord has about 40 people who know HIM and worshiping HIM each Sunday!
After completing 4 years of Bible A School; Bassa is now “Pastor Bassa” and is the Senior Pastor. A young man named Etienne translates from French into Dagara. The church is comprised mostly of young middle school students. They will continue their education far from the village of Tjenjiero and will share Jesus throughout Burkina Faso.

Shattering Darkness is helping finance the production of the Jesus film in the Lobiri language.