288 Circuit riding ( actually dirt-bike riding) evangelists is what we called them in the early days. New believers passionate to evangelize the lost. They would show up early in the morning to grab an availbla dirt-bike and off they would go..2 by 2. John Mark. Michel. Marcel. Patrice. Bassa.

But off they would go. And once again, our Lord remained faithful.
People in interior regions began to respond. We met a women named Madame Kim. ( Her story is detailed in the book: A GOD STORY authored by Lynn Kennedy) Partnering with Madame Kim; a house of prayer and worship was constructed in both the village of V-1 and also Tenkiedougou. Both church properties are blessed with a partner-donated well; both have Pastor’s homes; V-1 received a children’s building gifted once again by the folks at Cornerstone FBC in Williston, ND.

The current Pastor is Da, Michel. His wife is Madeleine and they have 2 children. They will be moving shortly to become Pastor at Bapla-Birifor.

The summer months 2013 will find Pastor Marcel and a young Bible School student, Fidel shepherding V-1. Pray for us as we seek God’s Shepherd for V-1 as of October 2013.

John Mark is Senior Pastor in Tenkiedougou. His wife is Sandrine and they have 2 lovely children; Ruth and Apollos. They have recently accepted the church of Tenkiedougou. The church has gone through a lot of suffering, persecution, poor leadership. Please pray for John Mark, Sandrine, Abel, Francois as they attempt to restore and build on the foundation of truth and our Savior.

John Mark recently built a brick oven in Tenkiedougou. This is part of our Feed His Children outreach. He called me Monday evening beside himself in joy! Sunday morning at church they fed 78 children!!!!!!!