This is another Christmas miracle church that was financed with 24 hours of Bapla Birifor and Biserque! Joel Some is from the village of Nane. He was one of the first converts there in 2000. He later completed 4 years at Bible College and is currently Senior Pastor at Balembar. He and his wife Martine and their 2 children will be leaving Balembar and moving back to Nane in May of 2013 to become Senior Pastor in Nane.

While on a short break from Bible School prior to moving to Balembar ( and unbeknownst to us..) Joel and Martine began a house church! Thus, when he was approached about accepting the Shepherd role in Balembar..he said he was ready to serve the Lord wherever..but then asked the following: “ If we move to Balembar, who will Pastor the house church in Nane?” WHAT house church in Nane???

In the last 18 months a thatched roof prayer meeting building has been replaced with the beautiful house of worship. There is also a Pastor’s house on the premises. We are in the process of making bricks for toilet facilities and outside kitchen for Martine.
The church of Nane has been led by a dual-team, Poda Romaric ( Senior Pstor at Navielgan) and Da, Fredic co-pastor.