Bisserké Village

The Christmas miracle church at Biserque is an outgrowth of the church at Kamkaniba. A group of 8 women walked from Biserque to Kamkaniba each Sunday morning. ( 10 MILES one-way). Years later, the pastor and leaders were evangelizing neighboring villages and the women of Biserque expressed their opinion that it was time to build a house of praise and worship in their village! On their own their constructed a thatched roof building!

No matter what time or moment I arrived at Biserque ( 2 1/2 hour one-way in the Ministry Truck) I would find numerous women sitting on the ground in the church listening to the New Testament in their landuage ( Dagara) on an instrument called The Proclaimer. The women are so very serious and passionate for our Lord.
The Senior Pastor, a newly formed Pastor from Kamkaniba, is named Evarice. Please pray for him as he develops leaders and choirs and encourages the women with their literacy training.