Bapla-Birifor Village

The history of the church in Bapla-Birifor is exciting. Lynn’s night gaurd ‘ Dieu Donner’ lives in Bapla-Birifor. He spoke to us for years of needing a church there. We kept saying ” Be patient. Be patient.” One day he showed up and said: ” OK. We have constructed an ‘hangar’ ( thatched roof & enclosure) we need a Pastor!

In the 4 years since then; Pastor Joel spent summer break from Bible School going hut to hut; teaching and preaching. When he returned to school we asked Pastor John-Mark to become Pastor.

December of 2011 God did a Christmas-Miracle. Funds were given to construct the church, Pastor house; shower; drill a well..and in January 2012 funds were given to construct a children’s ed building!

As of May 2013 Pastor Michel will move there and take over the church. ( Michel was born and raised in Bapla-Birifor and many of his family members are church members there)