Balembar Village

Balembar is another interior village. We began evangelizing back in 2000-2002 with the help of a young IMB-ISC couple; Kim and Jeff Gibson. Kim and Jeff would take young believers, load their truck and head to the uttermost.

Although the work was new and leaders young in faith; our Lord honored our efforts and today we find a youth building ( they commandeered the initial church building); a new church; showers and outhouses and Pastor’s house and kitchen. There are actually two houses for Pastor’s; one under restoration; and a wonderful well.

Joel Some and wife Martine are currently the key leaders. They will be re-locating to take the church in their home-village of Nane in late spring. Pastor Maturin will be moving to take leadership in Balembar.
Balembar has some leaders in training: Rodrigue, Rene, Seraphin, Robert. Please be praying for them.