Excerpt of a letter from a chief…

” A thing like this ( a small gift of remembrance) assures us Africans, who are Christians, that truly all we who are Christians are brothers of one family, and that some, whom we do not know by sight, are thinking of us with the same remembrance as our own brothers here, even to sending us presents. Then to think of the missionaries who cling to us as fast friends, though many of them die, but they do not tire of coming, but only do so more…” (Chief of Chitangali, 50)

A recent illness had me bedridden and hooked to IV’s for many days. Patrice and Celine were in the U.S. and 6 children were with me! (Narcisse, Elisée, Aquilas, Rosie, Mimi and God’s Joy). One of our church leaders, Mado ‘moved in’ and stayed nearly a week. She cooked and cleaned and prayed. She bathed me and welcomed visitors and prayed. She helped dress the wounds, questioned the Doctor and prayed. The only thing she did not do…sleep! The love of our Lord shined brilliantly though her and her selfless service to me and our family. Indeed, we are ‘one in Christ’.

1 Corinthians 13:1-13