Excerpt from a letter sent from a grateful ‘disciple’ to his ‘discipler’… (Certainly makes me wonder if the young Timothy ever expressed the same sentiments to the Apostle Paul?)

“I am writing to tell you that I have been made a teacher, and I want you to remember me in your prayers, as I am hoping soon to receive the blessing of the church and strength for this work…And I think this will be a great joy to you, that he in whom you first planted the Word of God is about to go to plant that Word in others…May God be thanked, Who has kept me safe from the time I was taught by you until this day, and may He continue to preserve me that I may enter upon this work in His fear, and not be drawn aside by the temptations of this world, which do not profit. I am your loving son in the Lord.” (C.E.L, 30)

For you and I, reflect upon those people who had a direct influence upon your coming to know Jesus as Savior…or has discipled you in the Faith. Pray for them right now. Thank our God for them. Maybe give them a call to thank them. Pray for them over the phone. Write a letter. Send an e-mail. Let them know the investment they made in your life is bearing fruit!

2 Timothy 2:2