“Do not say, ‘But, after all, there is plenty to do at home. We have heathen at our very doors, without going off to Africa to find them. We had better stop and convert the heathen at home first.’ Have we any right to decide for ourselves at all what we had better do? As servants and not masters, had we not better do as we are told? And what are our instructions? Are we told not ‘to go into the world’, not ‘to preach the Gospel to every creature’, but to leave the majority of our fellow men without the possibility of hearing of God’s love, while we preach to the (comparatively) free people in England over and over again? Are we told to stop and convert all the people at home before we give others the chance?” (UMCA Query Society, 60)

I recently heard the following statistics: 5% of trained, equipped believers leave the United States of America to take the Gospel to 95% of the world’s population…while 95% of trained and equipped believers STAY in the US to reach 5% of the world’s population!

Matthew 28:16-20