“Only the Men Pray”

“The degradation of women under the religion of I…. is vividly brought to mind in the following brief extract from the letter of a lady missionary in Egypt, ‘I often ask the women if they ever pray. Most of them laugh at the idea, and say, ‘We pray! We do not know how to pray; only the men pray. Do you pray?’ When I say ‘Yes,’ they say, ‘Truly, truly how wonderful! Teach us to pray.’” (“The Gleaner”, 60)

Oh! Beloved…how fortunate are Americans…born in a country that allows men, women and children to seek Truth. What a wonderful God! He has given us His Word. I am reminded of the disciples of our Lord Jesus who approached Him with their similar request, “Lord, Teach us to pray.”

“Lord Jesus, Teach us to draw near to You. May Your Holy Spirit help us to pray in a manner of which You are worthy. Help us to fix our eyes upon You and not the world around us. May it be You, always You, and only You that we seek to please and to serve and to obey. Your word assures us that if we set our hearts upon You and Your Kingdom….all other things (our needs) will be provided. Thank You for hearing our prayers. Thank You for seeing our needs. Thank You for drying our tears. Thank You for sending rain. Thank You for healing the sick. Thank You for family and friends. Thank You for our children. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen”

Luke 11:1