Still from African Tidings, 1895

Under the title of “LIGHT in DARK Places” the author TC Matthews tells of witchcraft, fear, witchdoctors, slavery and ancient tribal belief systems. Nearing the end the writer says that as a local chief was dying, he asked that all of his female slaves be set free rather than killed at his death. He stated that he wanted no public mourning at his death (often accompanied by animal sacrifices and other occultist practices.)

The article ends with, “So we may be thankful for the light that is gradually breaking in these dark places.” (10-11)

Pastor Romar came to see me yesterday. Two men made public professions of faith in church this past Sunday. Immediately upon their conversion they asked the Pastor to come to their homes, gather all of their idols, and to destroy (burn and break) them!

And thus, we also, in 2013 remain thankful that the Light of our Christ is Shattering the still dark places!