I wrote awhile back about a friend presenting me with a journal; African Tidings written in 1895! I will be sending some of the excerpts in upcoming blogs of things written in 1895 that are still the same here…today…2013!

“Torture to Part with a Penny
When a friend spoke with a man who was noted for his liberality, concerning this generosity of his, he said: I am not generous. I am by nature very avaricious. But when I was a young man I had sense enough to see how mean and belittling such a position was, and I forced myself to give. At first, I declare to you, it was torture to part with a penny; but I persisted, until the habit of liberality was formed. There is no yoke like that of habit. Now I like to give.” (Unsigned, 8)

Our Lord has blessed Shattering Darkness with so many faithful and generous prayer, impact and faith partners! Indeed your generosity and sacrificial gifts of time, talents and money reflect the action of our Lord in your lives!