Purposeful Pursuit. Absolute Abandon. Stunning Surrender. Sacrificial Service. I AM. Obtaining Oneness.

We now find ourselves faced with a decision. Do I genuinely desire to be Passionate in my walk with Jesus? Am I willing to be considered a radical believer? Am I ready to face ridicule or persecution for my beliefs? Am I ready to be Passionate? If yes, then the question becomes, “When?” When will I Pursue Christ with Abandon? When will I surrender my hopes and dreams and life and allow Christ to guide and instruct me? When will I begin to serve this Christ Whom I say I love? When?

May I suggest: There is NO better time than NOW!

Purposeful Pursuit
Absolute Abandon
Stunning Surrender
Sacrificial Service
Identify with the great I AM
Obtain Oneness with Christ
No better time than Now