I returned “home” with a new friend from the US.  She experienced ‘my life’ from the time she exited the plane.  HEAT. CROWDS. NO CELL PHONE COVERAGE. (Yup…her carrier GUARANTEED her GS4 phone would work here!) POWER OUTAGE, MOTOS GALORE, DONKEYS SHARING THE ROAD WITH CARS, TRUCKS, PEDESTRIANS, CARTS, BICYCLES AND VEGETABLE LADIES!!

She loved on our kids. She slept on a skinny cot, was up at the crack of dawn (you know…serenaded by the sound of mosques, roosters, chickens, dogs and crying babies…not to mention the lady of the house and 3 children all vying for one bathroom to shower and get ready for school! (And may I add, all of this BEFORE 6AM!)  She experienced first-hand the struggle to have quiet time, prayer time and down-time.  She headed home 3 weeks later with a new view on missionary life, a new heart for prayer, and a renewed dependence on our Lord Jesus. YUP! Welcome to my life!