Matthew 27:22 “Then what shall I do with Jesus, who is called Christ?”

My trips stateside are always a “whirlwind experience”. Family to love. Friends to visit. Doctors to see. Churches, supporters, purchases, driving, flying, calling, meeting, sharing, writing…any missionary reading this blog is shaking their head and grinning as they nod and mumble, mmmhmmmm.

It is always a highlight of trips to the U.S. to be invited to share some of what Jesus, who is called Christ, is doing in our midst, here in Burkina. Yet almost without exception there is a sadness that is often experienced when people approach me to “share a bit of their story”.

“I was called to ministry…BUT”
“When I was young I knew God called me to be a missionary…BUT”
“I once prayed about going to seminary…BUT”
“I have thought about going on a short-term mission trip…BUT”

Begin today…say, “YES” to Christ, the one called Christ. Let us not reach the end of our health, the end of our resources, the end of our lives and have the last words of our mouths express sadness for what we did not do in response to His call!