Matthew 27:22 “Then what shall I do with Jesus, who is called Christ?”

The wife of the Senior Pastor of FBCOrlando shared the following at a Ladies’ week-end retreat.

“Our family was very satisfied and spiritually growing as we served a church in Louisiana. The pastor search committee from Orlando contacted my husband and asked us to pray about considering responding to a call to the Orlando church. My husband was quick to say we did not need to pray, we were where God wanted us. A month or two later, they once again contacted my husband. The committee said when he refused, they went back to prayer, looked at resumes which had been sent, and kept hearing our Lord say my husband. (And please understand, we had NOT sent a resume.) Once again, my husband said we did not need to pray. We were where our Lord had placed us.

Then one day, a church member approached my husband, David. She advised him as follows: ‘I do not know what your family is facing these days. I do not know what decisions you are making. But our Lord gave me a message for you.’ With that, she handed David a note, and continued on her way. When David opened the note, she had written, ‘There are people waiting at the far side of your obedience.’ David came home that day and said: “We need to pray”.”

They prayed. The search committee once again called. This time the family was ready to say “YES” to Jesus, who is called Christ! They have served diligently, faithfully and with the Grace of God upon them at FBCOrlando for many years!