My infrequent trips to the U.S. always include a fast and furious visit with my beloved family. Returns here are always interesting because my suitcases are filled to overflowing with the items my sister purchases…for Patrice and his wife Celine and for Rose, Narcisse, Elisée, Aquilas, Naamwin Cilo, Mimi, Mado, my guards….

In addition I am always the benefactor of my sister and brother-in-love’s constant home remodeling and upgrading. I cannot remember the last time I came back from being with her that she had not found a way to stuff somewhere…gorgeous living room curtains. This past year there was an extra serendipity…an I-PAD! Ooohhh! I am SO spoiled! A walk through my house is an interesting emotional journey for me. Each room holds treasured items and memories. Each brings a smile to my heart and blessing to my soul.

Our Lord keeps me humble as I look at my stove, fabric softener, shower curtain, bedspread, living room curtains, wall hangings and more. So much more. Toys on the floor. Clothes tossed on beds. Half eaten mangoes. Open Bibles. Praise music from the lips of those on my front porch. Life. Love. Forgiveness. Resurrection Power.

Each room is a message of how much our Lord Jesus loves me. Each room holds a message of the bounty He has poured out upon me by placing His choicest of beloveds in my life!