I admit it. I have my weaknesses. And I can easily be spoiled. There is a family that means the world to me who lives in Dillon, SC. Mickey has come a minimum of once a year for the last 11 years! His precious wife continues to work to help finance his ministry trips here!

Each year as he unpacks, I am assured of certain things: His wife Bonnie has sent some “girly” things for me and my daughter-in-love Celine. I know I will see Mickey’s coffee (better NOT even think of touching it!); his hot sauce (which he willingly shares with anyone with an iron tongue) AND ALWAYS……ALWAYS……ALWAYS Orville popcorn and butter for the missionary!!!

Hmm, I need to adjust this and say “Almost Always!” YUP. January 2012. Time for Mickey to unpack. Body cream? Check. Some wonderful gifts for God’s Joy? Check. Mickey’s coffee? Check. Mickey’s hot-sauce? Check. Missionary’s Orville popcorn??? Orville popcorn??Thinking he was trying to pull one over on me…I waited…then when the waiting was over…I out and out asked where he had my popcorn! “Oh! I knew there was something I forgot!” (I give him credit for not blaming Bonnie!)

Fast forward 2013 – First thing out of the suitcase???

You got it on the first try! I prepared the last batch of popcorn day before yesterday. Still enjoying the memories of friendships given by our Lord many years ago.