FBC Orlando is my “sending church.” I do not say my “home” church because my “home churches” are here in Burkina. It is here that I love on my Savior. It is here that I worship Jesus amidst the brethren our Lord has entrusted to me. A minister from FBCO (Rev. Matt McGee) spent 2 weeks here in December, 2012. He spent a week teaching our pastors about the Minor Prophets and the 400 years of silence between the Old and New Testaments. Then we spent 3 days traveling and visiting churches. He taught more; he danced; he sang; he witnessed; he saw our Lord birth two women into the Kingdom of our Lord and King. Matt headed back to America…with a heart searching to know the will of God for his future. Our faithful Lord will show him! Thank you, Matt! Our folks absolutely love you!