Yesterday was a day of prayer and fasting at our Ministry Church location. Somber music. Prayer for the lost. Prayer for the youth heading out this week-end to Tjenjiero to do door-to-door evangelism. Prayer for Patrice and his family. Prayer for our Pastors. Patrice then led a devotional dealing with the trials of Paul…sure places our petty problems into perspective. Then I spoke of Abraham, when God sent him out, he was one. Then God blessed him and made him the father of a multitude. I challenged each church member to pray and ask God for the name of one person they are to witness to in 2013. One person to share Jesus with. One person to invite to church. Then on Dec 31, 2013 we shall all meet at the church at midnight…with our new family members in Christ! Because Time is too short. Because People are too Lost. Because Hell is too real.