I wrote a while back of an Impact Team arriving the end of December 2013. Many battles just to arrive. Many folks on the team fell sick throughout the week. Some were afraid. Some were near panic. Some did not understand. Some did not sleep or eat as they cared for the ones on IV’s! Some were bitterly disappointed they were unable to ‘do’ what they thought they had been sent ‘to do.’

We/they may not know until heaven the “why?” our Lord allowed this crisis of belief. Yet we can be sure of this: Our Savior! He does not make mistakes! Whatever He allows to touch the life/lives of His own…He will use to conform us to His image and to bring Himself glory. This Team paid a price. A high price.

Eternity has already recorded how many of the 160 youth who participated in the youth conference made life and eternity decisions during the week. Only eternity will reveal how many of the 300 un-reached Lobiri who were treated at the med clinic (and nearly 400+ who heard the gospel) will make decisions to follow our Lord.

Perhaps into eternity these words will rest in my heart and soul, “I have never heard of this Jesus.”

And now they have! What price do we place on a lost sinner hearing about the Savior? This One called the Christ!