The PRIVILEGE of Prayer. The PRIVILEGE of waiting and watching. The PRIVILEGE of Praise! In 2009, as part of a 40-day fasting and praying from 4AM to 4PM I made a list of Ministry needs.

Money to pay our Ministry land taxes. Funds to build a Youth Activity Building. Funds to purchase a Moto. Funds to purchase a Ministry Truck. Funds to Construct Houses of Prayer and Worship. I even asked God to provide a salary for me. I also prayed and asked the Lord for funds to construct a dorm to house our pastors during their Bible Trainings and to house Impact Teams from the U.S. and Canada.
I am typing this at 6 P.M. Tuesday, March 4, 2014. To ALL that I wrote in my journal (even to the extent of the amount of monies needed) GOD SAID “YES”!

We broke ground on the Pastor Dorms 7 days ago!