Silent Saturday.

Let us find time to be silent today as well. Let us take time to reflect the high price our Savior paid for souls. Let us reflect upon His love and His tenderness. Let us reflect on His patience and His Presence.

Let us Pray. “Oh! King of Glory. High and victorious and exalted One! My head is bowed in brokenness and shame. My heart bruised and bleeding. My sorrow at what I caused You overwhelms me. Oh, yes it would be easy, too easy to skip right over Passion Week so I can get to Resurrection Sunday and celebrate You! Yet as painful as it is for me to reflect upon my sin which sent You to Calvary’s Cross, I want to stay here at the foot of Your Cross a while. You see, my Lord, I do not ever, no never want to forget Your Passion! May this knowledge and reflection keep me from sin, keep me in prayer and free me to serve You with all of my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. In Your Holy Name, Lord Jesus I pray and ask this. Amen”