Less than 2 months after Elisée was born he contracted cerebral malaria! He was hospitalized. His veins were so small it was nearly impossible to get an IV attached. Fevers of 104-105 degrees. Patrice and Celine were around the clock at the hospital and I stayed with the other children. As I visited Elisée each day I would hold him, whisper to him, and rock him. One of those times a woman in the room told me NOT to hold him! I held him. Whether Elisée was going to live minutes more or 50 years more I was going to hold him! I told Elisée I had already spoken with God and said if one of us had to go to heaven, for God to take me and leave him.

God saw our tears and heard our pleas and healed Elisée. A few weeks later I walked into Patrice’s house and Celine was bathing Elisée. She looked at me as though to speak and stopped. Then she said,
“At the hospital…the people told me that YOU were the one Elisée knew!”

John 10:14 “I am the Good Shepherd. I know My own sheep, and they know Me.”