When I lived in Fayetteville, Georgia my church, New Hope Baptist, had a week long Missions Conference in 2000. I was so happy that we were emphasizing reaching people for Christ throughout the world and in many ways. I was further thrilled when my sister and I hosted one of those missionaries, Lynn Kennedy. Little did I know that my heart for missions would dramatically change to overflowing love for reaching the lost in a country far away. As God allowed, in 2002 I was able to go on a mission trip to Burkina Faso in West Africa with my Sunday School classmate and friend, Linda Wallace. I was so touched by the sincere and simple faith of the Dagara people and the tireless energy of our missionary, Lynn. I learned much from all of them about being thankful for what God gives and believing that He really is all we need. It was life-changing.

I watched and prayed and contributed through the years and have seen amazing things that God has done in this ministry. God has led and blessed Shattering Darkness Ministries in leading thousands to Christ, in establishing committed congregations and churches in villages and reaching new villages for Christ. God has blessed His work with medical missions and education. To be a part of this is exciting!

God led the Board of Directors of Shattering Darkness Ministries to ask me to join the board. It’s been my privilege to have served as the Secretary on the Board for several years. God has allowed me to learn many skills through my civilian work that have contributed to this ministry. I’ve learned that God gives us opportunities to grow, sometimes painfully. He will always use that growth in us if we are willing.