Lynn Kennedy

Missionary / Executive Director, Director Shattering Darkness Ministries

Although Lynn Kennedy has the title of Missionary/Executive Director of Shattering Darkness Ministries, she will be the first to tell you it is Christ Jesus Himself Who is the Founder, CEO and CFO of this ministry.

She will point you to the 14 established churches, the Lighthouse evangelical school, the Pastor Training Institute, the 9 Children’s buildings, the 10 safe-water wells, the developed Women, Youth and Children’s Ministries, the base of 70+ trained leaders including Seminary graduate Minister of Ministry and Missions, and Bible school trained Senior Pastors. She will be quick to explain incredible ministry partnerships with people in America, Canada, and Northern Ireland. She will speak of Medical Impact Teams, Prayer Walkers, Pastor Trainers, Children’s evangelists, construction projects, Women and Marriage Conference/Retreat leaders.

And then she will take a breath! In and through it all, Lynn will give all the praise and the glory and the thanks to her Lord Jesus.

Isaiah 9:1-2