Senior Pastor Patrice Hien,

Director of Ministry and Missions

I was from a family who did not know Jesus. When I was a young man I was unable to continue school because of the school fees and I was very angry. I did not live a life pleasing to God. One day God sent missionaries (Lynn Kennedy) to preach in my village. I went to ask hard questions that could not be answered so they would leave my village and leave us in darkness. I asked, “Who created God and when did He begin to exist?” They were able to answer all of my questions to satisfy my test. The following week I came with more questions and they were able to answer them. The Holy Spirit touched my heart. And when they called for those who wanted to accept Christ into their hearts, I stepped out and prayed and asked Jesus to come into my life. From that day forward, my zeal to go to school turned to a zeal to know the Word of God.

I trained in our Bible training classes for 6 months. We went to school in the morning and in the afternoon we went out to preach what we were learning in the classroom. God really used that time to start some of our churches.

I waited to be baptized until I understood more. In 2001 I was baptized and my heart immediately felt God was calling me and giving me a gift to preach. This was confirmed by my brothers in Christ in Burkina Faso and also by pastors from America who came to teach us. At that time I gave myself completely to the work of God. I began training in Ougadougou at the Bible school in 2004 and when I completed that training, we started a preaching point at Kpakpara, where I began to pastor. Kpakpara is also the location of the Shattering Darkness Ministry Center, Pastor Training Institute and Lighthouse Christian School. Today I serve as the Director of Ministry and Missions.

Thank you for supporting this ministry of Shattering Darkness.

Thank you for:

  • praying for all of our pastors and leaders.
  • coming to Burkina Faso to work with us.
  • allowing God to use you to give food to our children.
  • allowing God to use you to give clean water through the wells.
  • allowing God to use you to spread the gospel to new villages.
  • allowing God to use you for worship and training with buildings and supplies.

May God continue to bless you and continue to use you to grow His Kingdom.